Best Tunisia holidays 2014 all inclusive packages

Tunisia is steeped with history, fascinating tradition, prime coastal resorts, miles of white sandy beaches, magnificent landscape of mountains and desert that tickle the holiday taste buds of many sun-seeking holidaymakers across the world.

The best Tunisia holidays 2014 all inclusive packages can be as busy or as laid back as you want them to be. It really is up to you where and when to visit Tunisia, as well as what pace you want to enjoy your holiday in this remarkable North African destination.

When to visit

Tunisia has Mediterranean-like climate despite the fact that the country is located in the North of Africa. Many tour operators are offering excellent Tunisia holidays 2014 all inclusive packages during the summer when it is hot and dry in the months of July and August. During this time, temperatures rise above 32°C.

If you want to see the famed Sahara dunes, travel to Tunisia in the autumn when temperatures dip to a more manageable 25°C. Spring is also a wonderful time to visit because temperatures are nice and warm at about 21°C. You will see plenty of beautiful Tunisian wildflowers during spring.

Winter in Tunisia is pretty mild with temperatures averaging around 17°C. There is a bit more rain around this time, but the weather gets warmer and drier as you travel further south of the country.

Sun, sea, and sand

If you are looking for some sun, sea and sand on your holiday escape, there is no shortage of excellent resorts that offer what you seek in Tunisia. Tunisia's original tourist resort, Hammamet, is an excellent choice as is Port El Kantaoui, the country's first purpose-built tourist town established on a delightful marina.

Other excellent resorts with all inclusive packages include Sousse, a big and historic resort that boasts spectacular white sand beaches; Skanes, a quiet, laid back resort perfect for family holidays; and, Djerba, a striking island located just off the coast of the country.


No matter what Tunisia holidays 2014 all inclusive package you take, you will be spoilt for choice on fun holiday activities to engage in the country. From exciting golfing to exhilarating sailing and eye-openning tours of film sets of celebrated movie franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Tunisia is a remarkable destination to visit. Just remember the country is predominantly Muslim so alcohol bans are widely enforced, although things are more relaxed at tourist resorts and hotels.

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