Things to See and Do on Tunisa Holidays.

Tunisia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Africa due to the fantastic scenery, rich cultural heritage and relaxed way of life. Tunisia is home to some of the world’s most unadulterated beauty and has a rich and fascinating history that is sure to captivate anybody who travels there. Visitors to Tunisia will have the opportunity to discover the fantastic Ottoman and colonial influences that have shaped the country.

From visiting ancient sites, indulging in delicious cuisine and relaxing on some of the world’s most spectacular and unspoiled beaches there is something to suit everybody! Tunisa holidays have continued to become more and more popular in recent years so if you are planning a visit to this beautiful country then make sure you explore these great tourist attractions:

Located close to Carthage, Sidi Bou Said is one of the most beautiful villages in Tunisia. With delightful cobbled streets and picturesque white washed buildings, this charming little village is well worth a visit if you are in the Tunis region.

Bulla Regia. Located in the North West of Tunisia, Bulla Regia is an exceptional Roman City. Famous for its semi-subterranean houses from the Hadrianic period this is a must-see for anybody visiting Tunisia. At Bulla Regia visitors can see fascinating structures including basilicas, baths, temples and villas.

Visitors to Tunisia should also include a trip to La Marsa in their itinerary. This is a delightful beachfront suburb with palm trees lining the stunning golden beaches. There are also a wide range of fantastic seafood restaurants in La Goulette, which originally acted as a pirates stronghold due to its location at the mouth of the Tunis Canal.

Tunisia is steeped in history and culture and home to some of the world’s finest and unspoiled beaches so if you are thinking about taking a trip then book your Tunisa holidays today!

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