Tune Hotel group brings low-cost flight principle to London's accommodation scene.

Finding a reasonably priced acceptable hotel in London is notoriously difficult. Trawling consumer reviews on the web makes depressing reading: the room was miniscule, the shower was disappointing, the food at breakfast was cold or the hotel was great but way out of town.

So what would you say to a centrally located London hotel room, which guarantees you an en-suite power shower experience, but openly advertises that its rooms only contain a bed and it doesn’t do breakfast? With prices for doubles advertised at starting from £9 a night, your answer may well be, ‘Yes please'.

Tune Hotels (www.tunehotels.com) opened their first hotel in Westminster, London, in August this year. A hugely successful chain in Malaysia and Indonesia, it offers accommodation based on the no-frills airline concept, reports the Daily Telegraph. The room is unashamedly small, around 9 square metres, and there is no wardrobe or table, just 2 hangers and the offer of storing your luggage at a cost of £2 a bag. But a comfortable bed with quality sheets and duvet and en-suite bathroom are provided and you're in the centre of town.

Be sure to bring your own towel and soap or pay £1.50 for a pack. Access to the TV costs £3 per day and if you want your room cleaned you’ll be charged £7.50. Needless to say there is no room-service and no breakfast room, just a vending machine in the lobby, or try the Costa Coffee shop next door.

Yet the idea is surely a winner. For those who want to focus on London’s attractions, using the hotel only for a decent night’s sleep and a hot shower, Tunes is a good option. Realistically prices are likely to be around £40 per night (paying by credit card costs an extra £1.95) but this is still surprisingly good value for this part of town.

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