Try a wine tasting cruise to continental Europe this summer.

There’s a great choice of cruises leaving from Southampton this year, from epic, 2-month, intercontinental voyages to a short hop across the water to Amsterdam. If you fancy a little cruising but prefer to stay fairly close to home, and if you are a lover of fine wines, Princess Cruises is offering a trip which visits many of Europe's great wine regions. Passengers are actively encouraged to create their own wine-tasting cruise, reports the Daily Mail.

Alcohol will hit you from three sources. Firstly, many of the excursions on to terra firma feature vineyard tours and wine tasting. Secondly, the ship's cellar comes specially prepared with a wide range of wines local to the regions to be visited, so you can crack open a suitable bottle according to your port of call. And finally, passengers are invited to taste some of the more exclusive wines at two special events on board, Grapevines and The Maitre d' Wine Club.

The ship is set to depart from Southampton on the 23rd of July, the 20th of August 20 and the 3rd of September. Visit www.princess.com or call 0845 3555 800 for more details.

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