Three of the cheapest Trivago holidays to Peru

Trivago provides excellent holidays price comparisons, checking the price availability of hotels all across the world, all recorded with excellent detail with links to their homepages, photographs, reviews and descriptions.

While Trivago sells no holidays directly, it is pretty reliable at finding you the cheapest deals, and searches across a wide range of hotel/holiday websites. This article looks at three of Trivago's cheapest holidays in Peru. To read more about them, or to book today, visit trivago.co.uk.

  • The Torre Dorada Hotel: One of the most popular hotels in Cusco, the Torre Dorada Hotel prides itself on its amazing personalised service. The staff cater to your needs with exquisite attention, providing, for one example among many, free transport to any part of the city at any time of the day or night. They also provide great tourist information and help travelling to any of Peru's famous locations. Book through Trivago for just £55 per night.
  • Pirwa Bed and Breakfast Miraflores: By far the cheapest option for a stay in Lima in the famous district of Miraflores. While you can push the price down even more by opting to share a dorm (just £6 per night), the cost of a private ensuite room is equally impressive at only £15 via Trivago. The cost includes 24 hour service, a continental breakfast, free internet coverage, access to a kitchen, and sometimes a barbecue grill.
  • Hostal Centenario: With proximal access to both Cusco Airport and the downtown city area, this hotel has a nice location to go with its excellent service and cheap rates. The exotic hotel restaurant serves international as well as local cuisine, and the bar has a wide selection of drinks available. Can be booked for as little as £34 per night via Trivago.

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