Trippy gadgets for the seriously hip traveller

How's this for the complete holiday package: forget gawping up at the departures board with the rest of the cattle - grab a drink and ask the iFlight application on your iPhone to tell you when you're flight is leaving.

Then when you've arrived at your destination but haven't studied the guide book so haven't a clue where to go and eat - no bother. With Urbanspoon you type in what you fancy - Thai, Indian, Mexican, whatever; how much you want to spend and where you are. Shake your iPhone and hey presto! up pops a list of eateries within your range.

Then how's this for laziness; after the meal you can't be bothered splitting the bill or working out the tip, so you just ask the Big Tipper, another application, to keep you from straining your precious brain while on holiday.

Or, you could just stay at home with your iPhone and play with all these new gadgets all day long.

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