How to find Trinidad last minute cheap flights

Whether you are on business or holiday, there are several ways to find Trinidad last minute cheap flights. Although it is ideal to book flights months before you are scheduled to leave, often there are good deals waiting depending on the timing and season. It is still possible to get the seats you want for that exciting beach holiday.

How to find deals

Searching for Trinidad last minute cheap flights can become frustrating at times especially when you are leaving during the high tourist season. However, with a little luck you can still get seats and enjoy a beach holiday.

  • Check airline websites

The majority of flights arrive at Piarco International Airport. Airlines that service Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Continental Airlines and Condor Flugdienst. Alternatively, you can also look for tickets on American Airlines' website involving a stop-over in Miami, New York, or Chicago before proceeding to Trinidad. Tobago, the popular island off the mainland also receives flights at its Scarborough International Airport.

Airline websites will give you an indication of free seats from the UK to Trinidad. If you’re travelling alone, you can still get a seat three weeks before departure. Bear in mind that your dates might not be as flexible as you want as you can only fly when there are available seats.

  • Check travel websites

You can also check price comparison portals such as Expedia, Orbitz, Edreams, and Ebookers. Monarch, Thomas Cook, and Thomson are also good sources. Often, purchasing hotel stays and tickets together gives you a good chance to get on a flight. Prices of tickets alone do not vary a lot as most of these websites have access to air companies flying to Trinidad. Websites of budget airlines also have good prices of air tickets to the Caribbean, but if it is the high season, you are likely to pay higher for flights.

  • Sign-up for email alerts

Trolling travel websites can take up a lot of your time. If you are just looking for cheap flight tickets to Trinidad and can fly at any moment, it will be useful to sign up for email alerts so you will be one of the first ones know when specials are on offer.

An alternative

Another option to look at when searching for Trinidad last minute cheap flights is to buy split tickets. You can check budget airlines from the UK flying to major hubs such as New York or Miami and from there, book seats with regional airlines such as Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines and Surinam Airways. In the end, being resourceful matters a lot when you are looking for inexpensive flight tickets to the Caribbean.

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