Trinidad: The 5 Best Beaches

Trinidad and Tobago is located just off of the north coast of Venezuela and the larger island of Trinidad has some of the best beaches in the world. The seaside options on offer are definitely on a par with the best of the best along the small island nations of the Antilles.

Beaches, Beaches Everywhere

When it comes to choosing a destination to go swimming in Trinidad, the best beaches are hard to tell from the ordinary as Trinidad has a spectacular coastline all round the island.

Salibea Bay is on the north east coast of Trinidad and it is the perfect representation of what beaches in Trinidad have to offer. The water is a gorgeous shade of turquoise, the sand is soft and golden and the shoreline is lined with palm trees that provide a nice opportunity to escape the sun during the hottest hours of the day. There is coral a little bit out to sea too for some beautiful snorkelling.

Also on the north of the island, Maracas Beach is another wonderful destination wher you can swim in pristine water until your heart is content. Maracas is a convenient one hour drive from the capital, Port of Spain, and tourists can be indulge in a local Trinadian dish called Bake and Shark in a number of stalls along the beach.

On the tip of the south west coast of Trinidad, Columbus Bay is a nice beach which is not as touristy as the two mentioned in the north. Named after Christopher Columbus when he pulled in here on his famous journey to the Americas, Columbus Bay stretches for 3 miles and you may never again swim in a more historic location.

Book Yourself a Trip to Trindad

If you are eager to experience some of the finest beaches in the Americas, then look no further than Trinidad. The best beaches here are sublime and have a very exotic feel to them. You can book package holidays to Trinidad form the UK on www.expedia.co.uk and also at Last Minute (holidays.lastminute.com/caribbean/trinidad-and-tobago-holidays.htm).

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