Trendy Alert! MANHATTAN ISN'T TRENDY ANYMORE! well for this week at least

Is there anything new you can do in New York, or has it all been done? – and no, I’m not talking about cocaine consumption here Mr. Sniffles

In typical New York style, Manhattan is no longer trendy – and we all know how important it is to be trendy in NY. So, jump ship out of Manhattan and head out on the boat to Brooklyn for a day trip.

And best of all you can get there for free –Yippee! Thanks to Ikea, who want to ship potential flat pack purchasers out of Manhattan - you can get a free water-taxi ride out to Brooklyn.

And now that you’re there, what the hell are you going to do? Well, if you want to be like all the trendy day-tripping New Yorkers, then you’ll be heading for The Good Fork (+1 718 643 6636, ), a quirky restaurant that has won rave reviews from the city's press. With an unprepossessing entrance and no-frills interior, the focus here is not on style (unusual in New York), instead it's all about the friendly service and perfectly cooked food, a mix of American comfort dishes (a classic burger, key lime pie) with some Korean (a pork dumpling starter and steak and eggs with kimchi rice), reflecting the owners' backgrounds.

En route, you can work up an appetite – or straighten out your sea legs, at the Brooklyn Botanica cocktail bar (+1 718 797 2297, ) for a Hemingway (fresh rosemary, vodka, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice). This cool, low-lit warehouse conversion – amid an otherwise nondescript landscape of empty streets and faded ads on concrete walls – seemed to be airlifted straight from the Meatpacking District - sans the scary gay bikers on acid, and is no doubt a sign of things to come for Red Hook.

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