Trekking in Cyrpus with Mr. Fix It!

It's the country that doesn't exist - it's officially recognised by only two other nations and no airport in Europe has it displayed on its departure boards, yet more than 85,000 visitors from Britain travelled here last year; it’s North Cyprus.

The 'man who can' in Cyprus is Nick Bointon who runs North Cyprus Walks. Nick is also the area's Mr. Fix It – as the title of his column in the local newspaper can confirm (Nick'll Fix It.) Nick runs some of the finest Hiking Trails we've ever had the pleasure to walk, with over 100 hundred miles of stunning mountain top hikes through unspoilt landscape.

The holiday begins when you arrive at Ercan Airport and are welcomed by an English speaking guide. Once you’ve stopped off for your thirst quenching beer, at a silly £1.20 a pint, you’ll be whisked off up the mountains for a walk you’ll never forget.

Oh, and one of the nights you’ll have to fend for yourself at dinner time – but at all you can eat for £6, that shouldn’t be too taxing.

Getting there is a snip from Cyprus Turkish Airlines (020 7930 4851) who run flights which touch down in Turkey, from Birmingham, Manchester and London from £226 return.

Don’t forget the woolly socks!

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