Exceptional tree house holidays in Scotland

Tree houses in Scotland: why they make unique holiday locations

Tree house holidays in Scotland are a wonderful way to really get into the heart of the beautiful Scottish landscapes.

Chalets and log cabins are one thing, but how would you like to stay in an eco-friendly holiday home, perched high above the ground in a secluded forest?

A brilliant example is the tree house in Kinlochlaich, in the Appin area on the west coast of Scotland. This octagonal holiday building isn’t just built on a tree, it is actually constructed inside a tree! An oak staircase spirals around the central trunk.

Features include a double bedroom (king-sized) offering outstanding views over the nearby river. The bathroom, with a bath and shower, boasts underfloor heating. The expansive living room, looking up into the tree, contains areas to sit and dine, as well as a fully-fitted kitchen.

If you want to enjoy the evening sun setting over the forest, French windows open up to the outside decking, overlooking a private garden.

For an overview of tree house holidays in general, check out Northern Lights.

Who would you recommend for tree house holiday in Scotland?

The unusual character of these tree houses mean that any tree house holidays Scotland would be terrific for a romantic break, even for honeymooners. That’s not to say they wouldn’t make excellent holiday locations for families, too.

Where do I book my Scottish tree house holiday?

Tree house holidays can be booked by visiting Tree House Scotland (www.treehousescotland.co.uk).

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