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Due to the current hard economic times a lot of us find ourselves in today more and more people are making cutbacks. If you are in the need of a break but looking to make it a short stay so that it is more affordable take a look at the great offers that Travelsphere short breaks has for you.

You would be stunned by how much fun you can have on a short break from sightseeing, shopping, dining out and having the craic on a night out a short holiday has it all.

Travelsphere currently have a very good price on a weekend trip to the beautiful and awe inspiring Paris. Renowned for its romance, style and its rich culture it is a great choice for a weekend break. From July to October this 4 day trip is available for £149. Included in the price is bed and breakfast, return travel by coach, crossings by Eurotunnel or ferry and you will have the guidance of a Travelsphere tour guide.

Another good break Travelsphere have is a 4 day trip to the magnificent city of Prague. Take in the beautiful historic liitle towns, imposing castles, stunning architecture and much much more. From July to October this trip is available for £199. This price includes flights, 3 nights bed and breakfast, tour guide and all your airport taxes and charges.

These breaks and many more can be seen on www.travelsphere.co.uk or Travelsphere can be contacted by phone on 0844 567 9961.

If this has given you inspiration do not hesitate and book your short break with Travelsphere short breaks today.



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