How to find Travelodge style hotels in Paris France

The Travelodge is a popular chain of budget hotels located in numerous destinations across the UK and Ireland. Although they have yet to break into the French market, there are still many hotels similar to the Travelodge available in Paris France. Here follow some hotel suggestions:

A great place to begin your search for affordable hotels in Paris is at Booking.com. A quick search for hotels in Paris will produce a list of over 500 options. You can then amend the list so that it displays the hotels according to room rates. When looking for hotels comparable to the Travelodge in Paris (France), it is important to remember that facilities are standard, yet comfortable and family friendly.

One hotel represented by Booking.com is Hotel Bertha. Located only 10-minutes from Le Moulin Rouge and the artsy suburb of Montmartre, this is an excellent budget option. Rates start from £57 per double room and any children below the age of 4 are allowed to stay for free. A continental breakfast can be added for just €5 per person.

Another popular hotel is Hotel Cosy. Double occupancy rates start from £48 per room with a continental breakfast available for €7. This hotel is situated a 20-minute walk from the Bois de Vincennes and has easy access to all of Paris' main attractions.

If you prefer to stay at a well-known chain of hotels then the Holiday Inn has 25 locations spread across the city, all of varying standards. For full details visit www.holidayinn.com.

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