Travelodge launches sperm style pyjamas

A life size human sperm. A bobsleigher. An alien visitor to earth. A Jetson. Any of the latter would be an ample description of Travelodge’s ‘itch free, hi tech’ pyjamas, launched this week in the UK. In short definitely not a slinky little number to slip into when the urge takes you. In fact we challenge any man woman or beast to even get the urge wearing these futuristic shockers.

Made from natural knitted silk – which eliminates nasty itchiness, the jim jams are said to be world leaders in body temperature stabilisation. Which means wiggle into these and once unconscious you’ll feel nay too hot nay too cold - simply, right. (Although quite how you don’t get too warm wearing a full length body suit plus skull cap and gloves is beyond us.)

Obviously there’ll be no cornering the weekend sex romper market with these, but if you don’t mind paying 19 squibs for the pleasure of looking like you’re clad in a giant condom then they could well be for you. And since for a limited trial period Travelodge are giving them away free we might even pop down and snaffle ourselves a pair. Beggars can’t be choosers!

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