Top tips for travelling with your dog

More and more hotel owners and accommodation managers are recognising a gap in the market: pet owners are often reluctant to leave their dogs behind in a kennel or in the care of others. This has resulted in more pet-friendly accommodation throughout Europe - which is great news if you are travelling with your dog.

However, just like travel with children, travel with animals rarely goes completely smoothly. To avoid any major mishaps and keep the stress levels as low as possible for both you and your pet, with compiled a list of tips for travelling with your dog.

Top tips for car/boat travel

  • Gradually acclimatise your dog to journeys in the car by taking him/her to places he/she enjoys - like the park, for example
  • Invest in a good quality crate and let the dog get used to it in your home before introducing it into the car
  • Plot rest stops every three to five hours where possible
  • Give your pet a light meal about two hours before they travel
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of food and water for the trip and any unexpected delays
  • Ensure that there is an adequate amount of ventilation and shade; dogs are more prone to heat problems than humans
  • Check the regulations for driving with a dog in the country that you are visiting: some countries require that dogs are caged or wear a special canine seat belt

Top tips for air travel

  • Make sure that you're aware of quarantine and vaccination regulations before taking your dog on holidays (see direct.gov.uk for more information)
  • Some airlines allow you to book your dog as excess baggage rather than cargo, which works out cheaper
  • Your dog must fly in an IATA approved crate

General tips for travelling with your dog

  • Your dog should be micro-chipped. Register it on Petlog Premium, which may be of assistance if you lose your dog in the UK or Europe
  • Plan for emergencies by researching local vets in the area that you are travelling to
  • Bring along an unwashed cushion or rug from home to help your dog settle

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