For bargain deals get on the Travel Zoo mailing list

In the present economic climate, we seem awash with deals, offers, discounts and promotions. Most of them don't amount to much, but the Travel Zoo email newsletter stands out as a highly useful source of information about the best deals in UK travel.

Visit the website at www.travelzoo.com, and you'll find a wealth of sections offering information on cheap flights (compiled by www.fly.com), cruises, hotels, weekend breaks, road and rail travel and expert tips.

You could just bookmark the website and check it out sporadically. A better policy is to subscribe to their weekly email newsletter. This picks out the Top 20 deals for that week, some of them remarkable bargains.

The weekly emails cover a broad range of travel types, ranging from African safaris and Caribbean beaches to coach tours and hotel weekend breaks. Last-minute travellers are particularly well-served by travel zoo, with long-haul holidays and cruises often available at 50% discounts or greater.

Occasional offers are geared towards deals in your locality. For example, if you live in Cumbria, travel zoo will alert you to 2-for-1 nights at a Lake District hotel, or an exclusive dinner, bed and breakfast offer.

What makes Travel Zoo stand out from the rest is their willingness to check their information. Deals are test-booked by their staff, and any details or unusual elements are noted and passed on to subscribers. They also offer quick updates on the deals included in the newsletter, to advise you that there only a few places left, or that similar deals are available on alternative dates.

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