Travel to Turkey this holiday!

Before we start - probably the best city to fly into from the UK is Istanbul. You can reach most destinations within Turkey from its capital city. Also, flights tend to be cheaper with Istanbul as its destination.

An excellent place to start your Turkey flight search is none other than the national carrier itself, Turkish Airlines. You can find loads of flights between the UK and Istanbul for fairly good prices. They fly from London, Manchester, Glasgow and more. Check out their website for more details on airfares.

For a hotel that is good value for money, try the Marmara Taksim. It is within walking distance to the historic Dolmabahce Palace and The Bosporus, and is a short distance to shopping districts such as Tesvikiye and Macka. There is a sauna, a fitness centre, a solarium, swimming pool and more. A night in a deluxe room with a city view starts from £168.

The Blue Mosque, the Aya Sofya and the Grand Bazaar are some of the main attractions in Istanbul. See the ruins of the great Roman city of Hîerapolîs and visit the WWI fields of Gallipoli. And if you are an adventure-seeker, check out the Nemrut Daği National Park.

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