Travel Supermarket Flight: Compare flight results quickly and easily

Once you've decided to use the travel supermarket flight comparison tool, flight results will come flooding in for any trip you'd like to make. travelsupermarket.com/c/cheap-flights/ is incredibly easy to use and all you need to do is fill out the form on the left hand side of your screen. You'll be able to choose the country you'll be flying from, and you're even able to list the airports you'd be willing to travel from. You then insert a destination, choose your dates, and voila!

A quick search for a flight from the UK from any of the various London Airports to Santorini showed a mind blowing list of results. The most affordable option listed was with Airflights.co.uk for a rate of £177.00 per person with all taxes included. This flight departs from London Gatwick at 16:05 on the 27th of September, and arrives at 22:05. The return flight departs from Santorini on the 4th of October at 23:05 and arrives at Gatwick at 01:25.

If you're looking for a really great deal you may not even have to use the comparison tool. The site lists the top ten deals right on the homepage, and currently a return flight to Barcelona, could cost you as little as £19.00 in October.  Does Majorca perhaps sound better? You could get a return ticket for as little as £26.00, so if you're flexible about where you'd like to go you could find rock bottom prices by just keeping an eye on the site's homepage.

Once you discover how easy it is to find an affordable travel supermarket flight,the site's flight results section will be the first place you visit when you're planning a trip abroad!

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