Booking Holidays Through Travel Supermarket

Travel Supermarket is an online travel agency. This agency advertises itself as a one stop shop for flights, accommodation, package holidays, car hire, cruises, insurance and city breaks. There are a wide range of holiday deals available on this website. The primary customers of this website are from the United Kingdom. Due to this the site only sells deals departing from the UK. An example of a package holiday advertised on this website is a 7 day flight and accommodation package from England to Corfu, Greece. As at the 11th of August 2011, this package was advertised for £293 per person. Travelers who are considering booking with Travel Supermarket should go to the website Travelsupermarket.com and have a look at some of the deals they have on offer.

While there are not a lot of reviews about this agency online, the reviews that do exist reflect large positive experience. Previous customers of this company have saved money on their holidays and have been pleased with the level of service they received. Many customers also liked that the website was very easy to use. The complaints that do exist are by seasoned travelers who feel that the company sells the same deals as other travel agencies. Those who travel a lot and book their flights online will generally find that they can get cheaper deals if they book independently. However these are not the travelers the website is for. This website is suited for families and couples who do not want the hassle of booking flights, accommodation and car rentals separately. Prospective customers should read reviews at Reviewcentre.com before they make a booking.

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