We search for the best deals on travel to Spain around right now

There are plenty of great deals to be found both online and offline with your local travel agent when it comes to travel to Spain these days. Thanks to low cost air fares and the ability to get the EuroStar through the Channel Tunnel, the mainland is more accessible than ever.

With a gorgeous climate and plenty to do in one of the oldest and most interesting cultures in Europe, Spain should be one of the number one choices for those of us searching for even a short weekend break that doesn't break the bank.

Whatever your reason for travelling to Spain, you can ensure that you never pay over the odds again thanks to this great guide on how to find the cheapest travel to Spain online.

If you're the kind of person who likes to build their holiday from scratch themselves, then there is a huge amount of scope to save money for your trip. By taking a look at SkyScanner.net, you'll be able to find the cheapest and most up to date air fares from airlines across Europe, while the likes of Thompson Travel and First Choice will offer you great deals on accommodation and packages once you arrive.

This usually appeals to many football fans who want to take a short break in order to see one of the major Spanish football teams such as Barcelona or Real Madrid taking to the pitch. If this sounds up your street, you can get tickets for all major Spanish sporting events at spainticketbureau.com.

If you would prefer to travel to Spain as part of an all inclusive package, then ThomasCook.com can offer deals starting for as little as just £189.00 to Andalucia, or £199.00 to Catalonia per person for seven nights.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, there are dozens of gorgeous resorts to be found in Spain for you to explore, so before you decide on your next holiday, we recommend you give some serious thought to checking out Spain!

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