Best Travel Sites on the Web

Below are featured some of the best travel sites. Whether you’re looking for accommodation, flight deals or destination information, you’ll begin on a sure path to success when you visit one of these.

Looking for Accommodation

Choose the best of cut-price, luxury or even wacky on tripadvisor.co.uk. This website enables you to easily compare accommodations around the world. Reviews can be shared by anyone, so you can be certain that you’re not just reading a rave review by someone who’s been paid to write it. Visit this site to avoid arriving at your accommodation only to discover you’ve made a monumental mistake.

Get the Best Prices

Travelsupermarket.co.uk is a holiday comparison website that enables you to weigh up flight prices, insurance and car hire costs, etc. They even provide information on all the little ‘extras’ which are often overlooked, such as airport parking, transfers and pre-booking airport lounges. This is an essential site for people who want to cut down on cost, but not convenience.

Location Inspiration

Spottedbylocals.com is a fantastic holiday website for getting the inside scoop on European cities. Each city is reviewed by locals, who speak the lingo and have an intimate knowledge of the destination. At the moment, only European cities are featured, but the site has received loads of positive attention from the media, and hopefully they’ll expand their horizons very soon to include North and South America.

A little bit of research can go a long way in helping you to arrange that all important trip. When you know where to look, travel sites on the Internet can be more helpful than confusing.

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