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Are you in need of a sunny holiday or just a holiday in general? Travel Republic Holidays offer a few great deals that are perfect for both your relaxation levels and your wallet. Whether you are a beach bum, hiker or a sightseeing enthusiast, there is a package for everyone through Travel Republic.

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One of the top package destinations on offer for beach lovers and hikers is Majorca. This place is situated in the Mediterranean and offers warm weather, sandy beaches and friendly locals making this extremely popular for a visit all year round. Travel Republic has hotel deals starting as low as £14 per person per night at Fergus Tobago in Palmanova and flights for £43 each way. A nice little gem to visit while on the island is the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and the inspirational gothic Palma Cathedral is also not to be missed.

Another hotspot for beach lovers is the Algarve located in the southern most region of Portugal. Travel Republic have flights starting as low as £33 each way and rooms from a ridiculously cheap £6, so how can you resist? The Eden Resort in Albufeira provides budget rooms ideal for families and couples. With three swimming pools, board games, sports activities and a playground, you and the family will never get bored. With the turquoise water and sandy beaches nearby you will literally be in paradise.

Museum and shopping lovers might be tempted to spend a few nights in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Travel Republic Holidays has hotel rooms for as little as £16 right in the middle of the city. Amstel Botel is possibly the pick of the bunch as it is located right on the river. You can spend the day wandering through the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum or Anne Frank House to get your culture fix. Shoppers can wander around the streets, pop into various boutiques and find inspiration in the new and fresh designs on display all over town.

If beaches, museums and trekking don’t sound like your cup of tea, head across the Atlantic and see how lucky you are. Travel Republic Holidays has a number of long haul trips to pick from. If you fancy a flutter then why not head to Las Vegas, Nevada for as little as £610 for return flights and £23 per person for rooms at the Luxor Hotel. Shaped like a pyramid, this hotel is close to the airport and offers an IMAX theatre, spa, bar, casinos and so much more. Wandering the strip and taking in the unforgettable sights of Vegas is very unique and not something that will be forgotten in a hurry.

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