Travel Republic holidays in 2011 all inclusive

An all inclusive holiday is a way to relieve you of some of the stresses that go with travelling abroad. With a Travel Republic holidays 2011 all inclusive holiday you will get a comfortable friendly welcome with brilliant accommodation and amenities while enjoying stunning cuisine at restaurants on site at the hotel. All of this will be in your original fee leaving you to relax and indulge yourself for a couple of weeks - after all, you deserve it.

The first hotel on offer from travelrepublic.co.uk is for the Sultan Gardens Resort Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This luxury five star resort boasts 220 metres of private beach, it offers guest four swimming pools, one for children, nightly entertainment and access to a nightclub so you can let your hair down. If the party animal in you is not satisfied with that, try the Sharm's most popular casino which is across the street. Guests can also avail of the hotel golf course. For a one week stay here it will cost you £712 per person per week.

If Egypt is not up to your liking the Brisa Sol Hotel in Albufeira, Portugal is a luxury four star resort in the beautiful Algarve. Boasting three of the most beautiful beaches in Europe you can understand why this is a popular destination for tourists. Situated close to the Albufeira strip, access to the regions golf courses is easy as well as the shops, bars and restaurants but you'll have no need to travel for fine cuisine with the gourmet Dom Pio restaurant on the premises. For a week here it will cost you £512 from travelrepublic.co.uk.

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