Travel Lodge in Weymouth is the perfect base to visit Dorset!

Weymouth on the south-coast of England is located on the so called Jurassic coast, a strip of stunning coastline approiximately ninety five miles long that plays home to some of the most amazing fossils from the Jurassic age, over 185 million years ago.

The Jurassic coastline has become a mecca for fossil hunters, the ideal conditions of coastal erosion and unique rock types giving rise to many locations and sites of interest including Weymouth, Charmouth, Exmouth, Lyme Regis, Portland, Seaton, Sidmouth, Swanage and Wareham where fossils can be excavated from the ground with unbeliveable ease.

Right in the middle of this series of quant English village towns is Weymouth and the prime location of The Travel Lodge Weymouth on the A353, the coastal road which serves to link together many parts of the Dorset and Exeter coastline, means that Travel Lodge Weymouth makes an excellent location for long or short term stays.

Travel Lodge Weymouth is only minutes from various travel connections including rail services running daily to destinations such as Bristol and London. Sea ferries which run to Guersey and St Heller in the Chanel Islands are only only minutes away in Weymouth's ferry harbour.

Dorset's coast is not only about the very old rocks and remains of dinosaurs, some of the UK's finest contemporary restaurants run by  famous televsion chefs Rick Stein and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall are located within minutes drive from Weymouth.

With its friendly bars and pubs, world class views and restaurants Weymouth represents and excellent choice for a weekend away or a longer vacation and Travel Lodge Weymouth represents the perfect base of operations during this holiday.



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