Are you looking for a Travel Lodge in the Lake District?

Travel Lodge in the Lake District

The Lake District National Park is a beautiful and picturesque place to visit and stay.

You can enjoy the abundant wildlife and nature all living amongst the mountains, rolling hills and vast lakes.

The stunning scenery of the Lake District is what it is renowned for, a trip to this amazing corner of the earth is a time to truly appreciate the outdoors and all it has to offer.

When organizing your trip to the Lake District be sure to check out the official website (lakedistrict.gov.uk) which has loads of useful information on planning your visit.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation then staying at the Travel Lodge in the Lake District will definitely be your best option.


The Travelodge (travelodge.co.uk) is known for its great prices and affordability. With over 400 hotels based around the UK you are sure to find one that will be in the perfect area for you.

The main reasons to stay in a Travelodge are;

  • Comfortable and clean rooms.
  • Great value.
  • Close to where you want to visit.

When looking on their site for accommodation you can enter your destination into the 'where are you going?' search box. If you enter the Lake District then all relevant Travelodge hotels will appear.

There are 8 Travelodge hotels in the area and you can narrow your search down by price, distance or other specific requirements.

Or if you prefer you can just browse through and see which one takes your fancy.

With their prices ranging from only £38.95 to £55.90 you really can't go wrong!

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