Travel jargon buster

During your travels, you may have encountered words or phrases that you weren't familiar with. Misunderstandings and confusion can arise when a travel term isn't interpreted correctly - so it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics. This simple travel jargon buster will simplify and explain the language of travel agents.

Travel jargon buster

a la carte - in restaurants; each dish is priced separately

add-on - on tours; usually an optional activity for an extra price

adjoining room - in hotels; rooms that are beside each other with connecting doors

air mile - on flights; approximately 6076 feet

airport transfer - in transportation; transfer between accommodation and airport

all-inclusive - in package holidays; all meals, drinks and charges should be included

base fare - on flights; ticket price excluding charges, fees and taxes

bumping - on flights; when a passenger with a confirmed ticket is removed because the flight has been overbooked

carrier - on flights and transportation; any company that transports passengers or freight

carry-on - on flights; luggage that is brought onto the cabin

coach - on flights; the economy section

double occupancy - on tours and accommodation; prices are usually quoted based on two people sharing a room

fly-drive package - on package holidays; a package that includes a flight, car rental and possibly hotels

high season - in destinations; the time of the year that has the most visitors. Travel is likely to be more expensive

layover - in flights and transportation; the period of time spent waiting for a connection, often overnight

leg - in flights; a segment of the journey (e.g. return leg)

lido deck - on cruises; the deck that surrounds the pool area

non-transferable - on flights; ticket cannot be used by anyone else

open jaw - on flights; a route that flies into one city and flies back to the original destination from another

per diem - on cruises; the price per day

red-eye flight - on flights; overnight flight that arrives in the morning

service non compris - on tours; a tip is not included in the price

There you have it - some of the most commonly used travel terms explained! We hope that this travel jargon buster has been helpful.

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