Staying at the travel inn, Bournemouth central

Finding a Travel Inn at Bournemouth Central can be difficult. The only one we managed to find was the Premier Inn. Luckily this is the perfect hotel if you are just passing through Bournemouth. They offer lots of great services and the prices are fantastic.

Premier Inn (http://www.premierinn.com) is one of the UK's best loved travel style hotels. They do everything in their power to make your stay as comfortable and relaxed as you could want on a stop off trip.  Bournemouth Central is no exception, it comes with five star ratings from the Trip Advisor website. This comes down to comfort, price and location.

The hotel is right in the centre of Bournemouth so you are close to transport, the city centre and it's only a short walk from the sea. The area is also famous for great night life, clubs, bars, cinema and theatre so I wouldn't worry about passing time, there's so much to do!

Of course the hotel has everything you would expect from a top notch establishment. The rooms come with en-suites, queen sized beds, television, cable, tea and coffee making facilities, basically everything you could need. They also have a great restaurant serving contemporary and traditional fare.

The rooms are available for as little as £39 a night so the prices are hard to beat. They also do some great package deals that include a three course meal so be sure to have a look at these offers. It literally takes seconds to fill in the availablity checker so be sure to hit up the website and see what great deals the Premier can make for you.

The Premier Inn is the best travel inn Bournemouth Central has to offer, check it out and see for yourself.

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