Travel ideas: Holidays for singles

When you are single you have unparalleled freedom to travel in the way your heart desires. There is no second decision maker vetoing your plans for the day and you don't have to wait for anybody - ever! This sounds like a dream for most travellers who travel with friends or a loved one. It is definitely time to make the most of your single travelling days so lets look at some ideas on places to go.

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Various travel ideas for Singles

There are some great places to visit if you are single. Take Belgrade for example, a city full of history and things to see and do. The locals are super friendly and the night scene is second-to-none. A lot of the time you will find yourself mingling with groups of locals in an effortless manner.

New Orleans is a dream destination for singles with myriad sights and sounds pouring out of every street corner. Stroll in Jackson Square, admire the eclectic mix of architecture or take in the New Orleans skyline by night. If your timing is spot on you could also catch the French Quarter Music Festival.

Or if you are looking for something closer to home then a short trip to Ireland will be a breath of fresh air. The charm and friendliness of the Irish is well known and can be hugely welcome for solo travellers. You will never be short of someone to chat to as you day-trip your way around cute rural villages and drop into another pub.

If you are in the lucky position of having a lot of time on your hands and would like to travel to a place for a long term stay then check out gapyear.com. You can find volunteering opportunities as well as seasonal and temporary jobs as well as internships. This is a great way to immerse yourself in a place and really get to know the culture.

You also have the option to join a bigger group when you travel. Places like solosholidays.co.uk place single travellers in a large group of single travellers to enhance each others travel experiences by sharing. Solos Holidays offer all the usual options like city breaks, sun holidays, adventure trips and exotic destinations.

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