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Johnsons Coach Travel is a holidays, transport and excursions company located on the outskirts of Birmingham. It remains a family company since its foundation in 1909, and still adheres to its fundamental values of prioritising great customer service and personalised service. Thus the motto of the company, "Travel with Johnsons - travel with friends".

Although it runs lots of excursions around the UK, operates a successful coach hiring service, and organises great British based holidays, this article focuses on Johnsons Coach Travel holidays across the European continent, picking up three highlights of its catalogue visiting Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg:

  • Switzerland 'The Top of Europe': An 8 day tour, including 7 nights in hotels with a half board service, brings you to see the most majestic sights of Switzerland, taking you from quaint towns in the Alps to the beauty of Lake Lucerne. Enjoy cable car rides up mountain, and a trip on a carriage of the famous Jungfraubahn rack railway. From £1,068 per person.
  • Lake Garda, Verona Venice: A 10 day tour, including 9 nights half board, this holiday focuses around its base at Lake Garda, famous around the world for its spectacular beauty. Take excursions to the Roman and Medieval sites of Verona, and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Venice. On the journey there and back, relax and allow your mind to absorb the awe-inspiring scenery of the Austrian Tyrol. From £1,169 per person.
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with Trier: Visit the beautiful country of Luxembourg, totalling less than 1000 square miles, most of which is covered by forests, in a memorable 5 day trip with 4 nights at a hotel on a half board service. Visit the Orange Castle and enjoy an excursion to Luxembourg city. The holiday also includes a trip to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. From just £484 per person.

To find more information about any of these holidays, or to make a booking, check the Johnsons Coach Travel company holidays pages at johnsonscoaches.co.uk.

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