Your guide to travel health

Before you hop on that plane and set out on an adventure of a lifetime, take some time to think about your travel health. No matter where in the world you are going, you should always put your health and safety first. Here is a basic guide to staying healthy on your travels.

Vaccinations and Medication

Different regions and countries have different disease threats. Here are a few examples:

  • India: Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Diphtheria are just some of the recommended vaccinations you should have before setting off to see the magnificent Taj Mahal. These need to be done up to 3 months before you travel, so try not to leave everything to the last minute!
  • Kenya: Typhoid and Hepatitis A are a must again, as well as being vaccinated against Yellow Fever - especially if you’re visiting endemic zones.
  • Bahamas: Hepatitis A is recommended, while others such as Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B can sometimes be required. If in doubt always consult your doctor. Better safe than sorry!
  • Brazil: Hepatitis A, Diphtheria and Yellow fever are all recommended here. You will want to be of tip top health when dancing the night away with those fun loving locals.
  • Peru: Off to trek the amazing Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Make sure you’re protected against Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis Hepatitis B and Rabies.

In addition, you'll need to take malaria medication for many countries.

Personal travel health and safety

When travelling in developing countries, one of the golden rules is that if you can't peel it or cook it, don't eat it. Even seemingly innocuous foods like salad can make you ill if washed in unsterilised water.

If you have any doubts or questions about travel health, please consult your GP. Remember to think and plan in advance - getting all the right vaccines takes time. Destinations have different vaccine requirements and threats to health, so do your research before you set out. Then all you have to worry about is how you’re going to fit all those clothes into that bag...

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