How to travel from London to Paris

Travel from London to Paris

If you are looking to get away to Paris this year, there can be a variety of travel options to suit every budget. Whether you are looking to take the kids away to Disneyland in the midterm break or are looking to spend a romantic weekend for two, read on for all you need to know.

The first and most popular choice is flying directly into Paris as it is a quick and easy option. If you have the luxury of being flexible with your holiday in regards to dates and airports then skyscanner.net is for you. This website gives you the option to view flights for the entire year or by the month so you can see the cheapest time to fly. Not only this but if you don't mind which London airport you fly out of, skyscanner.net can also show the cheapest option from any of the six airports. Selecting the month of October this year, the search returns the cheapest flights to be departing the week beginning Wednesday 12th October. Departing from Luton airport at 6.20am with Easy Jet you will arrive into Paris Charles de Gaulle at 8.20am for just over £53 per adult. Take a look at their website for more cheap deals for travel from London to Paris.

The second choice is the infamous Eurostar. Although a slightly more costly option and with a little longer travel time this is definitely a more unique experience. To travel from London to Paris on 18th November for a weekend for two adults, costs just £138 or £69 per person. Departing from London St Pancras at 5.25am and arriving into Paris Nord this fare lets you make the most of your weekend. Not only that but with a return departing at a leisurely 10.15am this is the perfect getaway. Also for an extra few pounds you can upgrade to Premier for that little bit of luxury. Find out more on eurostar.com.

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