Great holidays from the travel department ie

Travel Department ie

Ireland’s leading tour operator, the Travel Department (www.traveldepartment.ie) has been in business for over 12 years. Their holiday packages offer you the convenience of booking an all-inclusive getaway and include a carefully planned itinerary and the care and guidance of an expert local guide. The Travel Department focuses on offering novel and exciting holidays that will appeal to the experienced traveler and which are a bit different from those offered by other tour operators.

The Travel Department offers a variety of different holidays that cater to wide range of interests and tastes. The tours on offer include sightseeing and cultural holidays and breaks that cater to specific interests such as motor sports, garden wine and cruise holidays. Everything from weekend breaks to vacations in far-flung exotic destinations is catered for. The Travel Department operates in over 30 countries with Italy, France, Spain and China being the most popular destinations.

The company prides itself on the care and attention it lavishes on its customers. The unprecedented level of repeat business it enjoys is a testament of the quality of its service. The Travel Department is fully licensed and bonded by the Commission of Aviation Regulation, a further hallmark of its professionalism.They also have a visa service for those traveling to countries where this is required, and also offers comprehensive travel insurance policies.

For bargain hunters, the Travel Department has SuperSaver Holidays and Earlybird Specials. For example, a week’s holiday at Costa del Sol will cost you just £349 plus tax while you can enjoy 7 nights in Albufeira, Portugal for just £289.

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