Using Travel Agents in Dublin

Organising your trip through travel agents in Dublin is prudent as it saves you the time and hassle of scouring the Internet looking for reasonably priced tickets and accommodation in your preferred destination. You get a complete package for both travel and stay for the entirety of your stay. Some even have packages tailored to the specific purpose of your travel – wedding and honeymoon packages, as well as cruises and ski-trips. They will look after the practical details as you get packing.

Online Travel Agents

A number of agents are available online. These include:

Skytours.ie offers the traveller a complete package depending on their destination, when they want to leave, how many people are travelling, and type of desired accommodation; whether five star or just cheap lodging. They have complete packages that give one price for accommodation and return tickets to a number of destinations from Dublin. One of their popular packages is a honeymoon holiday to Cape Town in South African that includes a safari into the wild. It costs €1,499 per person for seven days of bliss.

Lonelyplanet.com gives important information about Dublin to those interested in visiting there. It points the traveller to reasonably priced hotels in Dublin. A night at the Russell Court Hotel will cost you only €31.50 a night. It also lists places of amusement, beach spots, top restaurants and modern art museums. This site enables you to search for flights to Dublin by date, departure point and class (business, economy or first-class).

More Information

The golden pages contain the contacts of many agents who may not have online presence, but can be reached by telephone or e-mail. The website of Ireland’s tourism office also gives information on travel agents in Dublin.

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