Transatlantic cruise in style

Tracing your roots doesn’t have to be painful; on the contrary, the first step can be done in sheer luxury, The Daily Mail reports. Apart from cruising to places as far afield and exotic as French Polynesia, Silversea Cruises (www.silversea.com) now offers a 12-night transatlantic cruise. Its inaugural crossing on flagship ‘Silver Spirit’ attracted wealthy, retired couples wanting to return to the 'old country'. Pampered 24/7, they did it in style.

The cabins are in fact spacious suites with lounge area, king-size bed, bath and shower, ocean views and a fridge-bar with drinks unlimited. The facilities, as to be expected, are all about indulgence: a spa with pools, sauna and steam baths, a casino and theatre for nightly entertainment and no fewer than six restaurant areas serving gourmet French, Italian and Asian food.

Quiet moments can be spent in the library, internet cafe or duty-free shops and there are activities to keep the kids amused.

Sailing from Manhattan, the cruise ship's ports of call include Boston, Halifax, Nova Scotia and St John's, Newfoundland, before embarking on the four day Atlantic crossing. And it’s never too late to learn: talks on the UK destinations prepare guests for their arrival in the old country,where American passengers can get a feel of their ancestors.

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