Checking a Train from London to Nice France and the Price

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If you are searching for a train from London to Nice France and the price, take a look at the TGV.co.uk website. There are trains that leave every hour and the rates are reasonable. You have to change at Lille though for a connecting train to Nice.

For example, you can be on a 06:19 train, arriving at your destination at 18:45. A return trip with travel dates from October 7-9, 2011 will cost £74.50.

Another source is Eurostar.co.uk. For a non-flexible ticket from September 23-25, 2011, the price is £104.50. You leave at 05:25 and arrive at 15:21 in Nice. Total travelling time will be 8 hours and 56 minutes with one change at the Paris Gare de Lyon.

So why not take public transport? You avoid driving tough and long distances, the hassles of paying tolls in addition to making pit stops at every place to refuel or grab a bite to eat. Taking trains does not necessarily mean that you give up your comforts.

In fact, these carriages are probably comfier than your car. To begin with, there is more leg room in a train. Long journeys are made easier if you can get up and stretch. These coaches are comfortably furnished with ample seats, restrooms and restaurants. You can even get a Wi-Fi connection making it easy to work even while travelling. In addition, they are fast, reliable and arrive at your destinations on time.

The next time you plan your business trip or weekend break, make sure to check the train from London to Nice France and the price. It probably is the best alternative to driving lengthy stretches and even flying.

For more information and details, check out the rail websites.

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