Touring Sites to Help Plan Your Holiday

Touring sites for the caravan traveller can sometimes make it difficult to find in the right location to bring relaxation and adventure to your holiday. Haven touring and camping is one of the comprehensive websites to plan the ultimate holiday itinerary. Whether you plan on caravanning or camping, http://www.haven.com has a little of everything to offer the frugal traveller.


Autumn and monthly specials are available now from one of the cheapest holiday websites, Haven.com. Offered now is a midweek October break for a 4 and 7-night stay from only £6 per pitch, per night. Another competitive holiday price comparison site offers specials for flights, hotels and multiple types of holiday combinations for the cheapest prices around.

Pitching and Parks

One question you must ask yourself before researching prices is, what are your pitching needs? Any good researcher must weigh the convenience with price, which sometimes doesn't show a huge difference. Haven Touring and Camping offers great park amenities and price comparison for all 23 of their resorts and sites. Greenacres in Porthmadog, North Whales has a special for Monday, October 3rd for an electric pitch for only £7 per night, per family. They also have a super pitch available the same day for only £8 per night. Other parks available for booking include, Craig Tara, Kiln Park and Orchards. All over the UK, there are special offers for pitches and facilities perfect for a quick or extended stay at the most of UK’s popular touring sites.

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