Touring holidays or Adventure trips give you the ideal opportunity to make friends.

If you’re a sociable person or couple but your holiday dates don’t coincide with that of friends, there are plenty of companies providing escorted touring or adventure breaks which also help you socialize. They vary from the pricier exotic destinations to popular places closer to home. We’ve searched the web for the tried and tested and come up with some of the best.

Visit Voyages Jules Verne at www.vjv.com or call 0845 166 7035 and choose from their numerous regular tours. If you’re single, it’s worth investigating the ones that don’t incur a penalty on certain departure dates, reports the Daily Mail. Destinations include interesting Iceland and sunny Cyprus. If you’re looking for something more exotic, Just You (www.justyou.co.uk, 0844 567 8831) offers a number of tours. The ten-day Wonder Of China is one of its most popular.

Escorted rail journeys are also on the up. Great Rail Journeys (www.greatrail.com, 01904 734 154), specialize in up-market rail tours including five for solo travellers. The cheapest is a five-day trip to the Black Forest.

Whether you’re single or a couple, Explore (www.explore.co.uk, 0844 499 0901), gives you the chance to bond with your companions through shared physical challenges. This year they are also starting trips to countries such as Cuba, Thailand and Morocco especially for people travelling alone. Or if you prefer something more strenuous, The Adventure Company (www.adventurecompany.co.uk, 0845 287 5480), is offering a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro and an exciting exploration of Jordan.

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