What Are the Best Touring Caravan Sites to Visit?

With so many touring caravan sites to choose from, it is understandable why you are having a hard time figuring out which one can offer you the best services. If you want the easiest time booking your caravan holiday, look for one that offers you to book for touring caravan rentals and browse listings for caravans for sale at the same time.


At Caravan Club, you can book for a touring caravan or go shopping for one. It can also help you arrange for your next trip or obtain the most value-packed insurance. The company also offers temporary campsites for the most popular caravan events. One of these is the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham.

If you are attending the event, you can book for your stay in Caravan Club’s temporary campsite at North Car Parks # 9–11. Each caravan will be charged £27.5 per night, and this is already inclusive of electric hook-up as well as the use of fresh water supply in the campsite. You can also book online for admission tickets to the show. Shuttle service is also provided for free for the guests.


One of the unique features of this site is its search function for tow cars – if that is what you are thinking of buying. Practical Caravan is not just one of the most popular touring caravan sites today, but it also happens to be the online edition of the number 1 caravan magazine in Britain. An example of a caravan for sale in this website is a 2011 Swift Conqueror 570, which is sold outside for £19,999, but is available at the site for just £17,491. The unit is good for four persons.

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