Places to Find Toronto Cheap Flights

In Europe, we often associate cheap flights with the short-distance budget airlines that connect many of Europe's capitals and major cities. However, there are also some impressively cheap bargains to be had for long distance flights. Toronto, one of Canada's most popular cities, is not actually all that expensive to get to.

Toronto is served by Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada. Toronto cheap flights typically depart from London Gatwick, although Air Canada also offers flights from London Heathrow, though they tend to be the more expensive ones.

The prices of Toronto cheap flights vary throughout the year, with off-season flights in the winter months generally being considerably cheaper. Sunwing Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines connecting London and Toronto. They offer extremely competetive rates starting at £209 for a one-way trip. Return trips can be had in August for £379 and in September for £329.

Sunwing Airlines also allows for a generous amount of checked-in baggage, up to 25 kilos. In spite of offering among the cheapest prices for London to Toronto, the airline provides a similar level of service to those found on traditional airlines. You can find out more about the special deals from Sunwing Airlines and other companies at canadatravelservices.co.uk.

Air Canada, at aircanada.com, sometimes offers Toronto cheap flights, though their prices are normally among the higher rates. Nonetheless, they do sometimes offer special deals, some of which are exclusive to the web.

There are also many other cheap flights from other European cities to Toronto, particularly from France.

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