A guide to Topflight holidays

Topflight specialise in holidays to Italy, and are in fact Ireland's leading tour operator to the country, with a whole section on their site dedicated to Italian destinations. However they offer far more than just that, with skiing and city breaks across Europe and the US, and a variety of beach resorts all over the world, in exotic places like Dubai and Mexico, as well as more common destinations like Barbados and the Maldives.

Additionally they offer a handful of more unique services, the most notable of which is probably their wedding planning service. They have a team of experienced wedding planners, who will help you plan every aspect of your wedding day, which being a travel company, they will host in one of a variety of exotic resorts. Far more than just booking you into a hotel, they help handle menus, photography, flowers, hair and beauty appointments and much more in a service tailored to you.

Topflight also take bookings for cruises and handles tailor made holidays, in which you pick a destination and accommodation from choices on their website and will then be contacted by a consultant to fill in all the rest of the details, such as any activities that you want to book into.

Their prices are competitive, although most of their holidays and accommodation are skewed towards the more luxury end, as the majority of the hotels they book are four stars and above, but they offer a good price for what's on offer, and they also have discounted late deals for an even more competitive price. You can book with them at topflight.ie.

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