Book a holiday with a difference with these Topflight cruises

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If you are looking for somewhere to book a holiday with a difference that offers ultimate relaxation, sites galore, destinations and activities galore then check out Topflight cruises they could be exactly what you are looking for. Check out this blog we have done for you on their cruises, that we are sure will leave you impressed.

How about an Eastern Mediterranean cruise for seven nights? You will take in countries like Italy, Tunisia, Spain, France on board the beautiful MSC Splendida, a splendid ship. While on board you will be spoilt for choices casinos, cinemas, bars, shops and much more. They are sailing on a weekly basis from April until October and prices start from €629 per person.

Another great cruise they do is to the Greek islands and Croatia on board the MSC Musica. Once you get on board you will be again spoilt for choice of things to do while you take in the beautiful lands around Greece and Croatia. They run this cruise again from April to October and prices start from €749 for 9 nights.

These prices also let a child under eighteen stay with their parents for free so if you are bringing kids this is something to bear in mind.

You can check these cruises and more on www.topflight.ie and if you book online you can save up to €50 per person. You can also book with them by ringing 1890 240 176.

These Topflight cruises tend to be snapped up so get in touch today and book your trip of a lifetime.




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