Looking to find out more about Topaz Breakaways in Ireland?

Need a break from the kids?  Work getting to be too stressful?  Topaz Breakaways in Ireland are the perfect means to escape to the county of your choice in the Emerald Isle.  Whether you are a beach person that wants to work on your tan or someone who loves the shopping that only cities can provide, Topaz Breakaways offer you the chance to turn your fuel costs to your advantage.

Topaz have teamed up with greatbreaks.ie to give you access to over 200 hotels around the country.  Together they are offering 2 nights Bed and Breakfast in 3 and 4 star hotels anywhere in Ireland for just €75 or £65.  Collecting 5 Topaz vouchers entitles you to avail of this amazing offer.

When you fuel up at Topaz, petrol or diesel, to the value of €25 or more then you will receive one stamp in your Topaz Breakaway card.  Collect 5 stamps and then you can redeem your card against a 2 night stay in any hotel of your choosing.

You can book your break online or over the phone once you have filled your card.  You will need your unique reference code from your Topaz card when booking and the booking process is simple.  Just select which county you wish to visit as well as your preferred arrival date and you will be able to view a list of available hotels.  Simply choose one and you are all set.

Topaz Breakaways in ireland are offering a great deal so make the most of the money you spend on fuel and treat yourself and your loved ones.

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