Top things to do in Vienna

Vienna is a city of culture that’s not stuffy and boring. There’s plenty to do there for couples and families alike. The night life is great and the food is to die for. Let’s take a little look at the highlights you can’t afford to miss when you visit Austria’s capital.

Historic Vienna

You will feel the history of the place everywhere you go in Vienna but the centre of the city is where you'll feel it the most. The beautiful architecture, Baroque castles and grand buildings will catch your eye but you'll need to visit some of the museums to really understand the place.


We recommend a walk around the Kunsthistorisches Museum to begin with. Here you'll experience history and culture spanning five millennia. You'll see the major works of Dürer, Raphael, Titian and Velázquez, as well as examples of ancient instruments used by great composers from the days when chivalrous knights held sway.


If you'd like an evening or two of culture, you should head to the State Opera House. There are 300 performances each year so you're bound to catch a show when you're in town. The Vienna Philharmonic is another top attraction for concerts and shows. As with shows in London, we'd recommend that you book up first using a website like Vienna Classic.

Other things to do

If you're heading to Vienna with a family, you should check out Zoo Vienna. In fact, kids and adults of all ages will love what's on offer at Tiergarten Schoenbrunn. We recommend that you book in advance for the best deals on the entrance price but that's not essential.

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