Top Tasty Food Trucks in London

Stopping at food trucks is a great way to try out new kinds of food and watch your mouthwatering meal be prepared right before your eyes. It really is a feast for the senses. While it is impossible to list all of the delicious food trucks London has to offer, here is a taste of what is out there.

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While it is common to see many asian restaurants in the city, Kimchinary offers street customers a refreshingly new option that mixes Korean cuisine with Mexican cuisine. They have a wide variety of tacos and burritos to choose from with meats that include gochujang and honey pulled pork, cured lamb heart and slow braised bulgogi ox cheek. You can find them at Kerb King’s Cross, Dalston Food market, Dinerama Shoreditch or Street Feast Dalston Yard

If that sounds a bit too out there, you can never go wrong with pizza. The vintage pizza van Well Kneaded offers what they call firebreads. The sourdough crust if covered with your choice of fresh ingredients that change with each season. Stay safe with the skinny margaret that has tomato, garlic and fresh oregano, or try their urban special that mixes pear, thyme, blue cheese and garlic. Their van can be found South London on Northcote Road in Clapham or around KERB collective

Gourmet Bistro style food is another option that can be found at Street Kitchen food truck. This is the place to go if you are looking for fresh and healthy dishes. All of their ingredients are from the UK and and directly sourced from local farms. One of their sample dishes is smoked salmon with broccoli and cherry tomatoes, roasted beetroot, crushed potatoes and baby leaf and horseradish mayonnaise. They can be found at Devonshire square, Broadgate circle and the Hatch Battersea.

For a little Spanish flair, find the Jamon Jamon food truck at Portobello Market on Saturdays. All you need to do is follow your nose to the scent of paella. Try out their vegetarian paella, seafood paella, charcuterie, or paella valencian.

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