Top sites for airline tickets

Looking for the best priced airline tickets can be a stressful process. Thankfully there are a few reliable sites that are a great place to start your search for affordable tickets. Let's take a look at a few of those sites now along with tips to get you flying in the right direction.

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Kayak.co.uk, Skyscanner.net, Momondo.com and Travelsupermarket.com are all reliable flight comparison websites that also conveniently compare hotel and car rental prices. Depending on the website though, some will connect you directly to the airline while others will need to be booked through a third party site. Research various travel forums and see what others recommend and make sure to check flights on all of the above sites to dig out the best deal.

The top deals on flight comparison websites often will include connecting flights with separate airlines for long-haul flights. While this can reduce the price, it can also be a potential problem if your first flight gets delayed or cancelled. This can mean you may miss your connecting flight and in this situation, neither airline is responsible for getting you to your final destination. All the flights need to be booked on one ticket through a single operator in order to receive any type of reimbursement for a missed flight so keep this in mind when calculating transfer times.

If booking through a third party, keep in mind that this will include a middleman which can make things complicated and, needless to say, more expensive. Not only will making any changes to the flight down the line be quite costly and tedious, but customer service tends to not be the highest of standards and can often be somewhat of a nightmare.

Some of you may feel more secure booking through an airline directly. They tend to be easier to deal with if a problem arises, there are no hidden fees and oftentimes they actually have the best deals available to passengers. It is important to keep an eye on individual airline websites for the most up to date deals they have going on and you can benefit from signing up to frequent flyer programmes too.

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