Top cycling cities in the world

Cycling is not only great for your health, but it is an easy way to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic. It is becoming more popular and is seen as a cleaner and healthier way to commute and navigate the streets. Here is a look at some of the leading cycling cities in the world so that next time you are planning to take a trip, you can build some cycling into your holiday plans.

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Like many leading cycling cities, in Seville, cycling is seen as an everyday activity done by people of all sorts. There is a mix of ages and gender pedaling their way throughout the city on the 75 miles of green tarmac lanes. Along the raised path is a waist high fence segregating motorists from cyclists leading to safer roads for all parties. Currently, over 70,000 people use bikes daily here which is helped by a bike scheme that provides 2,500 public bikes at 250 docking stations.

Utrecht in the Netherlands is another city that makes cycling inviting for everyone. While on the bike paths, there are short barriers between you and motorists allowing you to feel completely safe at all times. Unlike many other cities though, here you will find electronic signs that guide you to an open parking facility nearest to you whenever you are looking to park your bike.

Cycling in Copenhagen, Denmark is an experience that is alway changing. This city offers over 390km of designated bike lanes and it is possible to rent a public bike for free with a deposit. All bikes in the city are also required to have a unique frame number stamped on them in case they are stolen. A Danish manufacturer has also created Yakkay helmets to encourage people to protect their heads while also looking stylish. Unlike regular helmets, these look like a hat or cap so no need to feel self conscious anymore.

Amsterdam, Holland is at the top of the list where you will find around 40% of all commutes are done by bicycle. There are over 400km of cycle paths for tourists and locals to use that are wide enough to cycle side by side or to overtake someone safely. Cyclists have separate signs and lights from motorists and are given the right of way at all roundabouts where bikes avail of separate lanes. One of the most encouraging aspects about cycling here is that cycling proficiency lessons are a compulsory part of the school curriculum meaning rash cyclists are a rarity.

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