Top Roman ruins to see on a trip to Italy

The former capital of the Roman Empire, Rome is a living archaeological site and a history lover’s paradise. Every corner of the street speaks of the glory that was Rome and there are literally hundreds of ancient ruins that are worth visiting. Here are the top five Roman ruins that you should not overlook during your stay in Rome.

The Colosseum

The largest amphitheatre of the antiquity, the Coliseum is the symbol of the Italian capital and one of the top Roman ruins. It was built in the first century AD by the emperor Vespasian and it has since been used by Roman emperors to entertain the public with games. Gladiatorial fights and shows that involved wild animals were the most popular types of event held here.

Circus Maximus

This is an enormous chariot racing track that was occasionally used for other type of events such as gladiator combats and processions. Chariot races were extremely popular in Rome, with several factions often clashing while supporting their favourites. The last race took place here in the sixth century and nowadays only the layout of the original building is visible.

Domus Aurea

The famous house of Nero, built on an area of 80 hectares, will allow you to discover the magnificence of an imperial home. The highlights of the site are the underground rooms, many of them still decorated with fabulous paintings.

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the central point of the city of Rome in antiquity, as evidenced by a large number of remains of temples, basilicas and triumphal arches. This was the place where the Senate assembled and triumphal processions took place. Many of the buildings of the Forum are now in ruin.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was built almost two millennia ago and is one of the top preserved Roman ruins of the Empire. The dome of the Pantheon was the largest in the world until the construction of the Florence Cathedral in the 15th century. The pantheon was a temple dedicated to all the gods of the Romans and it was converted into a church in the seventh century.

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