Top 5 Haunted hotels in the world

There are many tales and stories about haunted houses that exist around the world but what about haunted hotels? The more you look into it, the more you realise that there are numerous hotels around the world that claim to be haunted. Here is a look at 5 of the most well known haunted hotels in the world that may be of interest if you are looking to travel a little differently next time out.

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To start of the list in style, the infamous Langham Hotel is located in the West End district of London. This hotel was built in 1865 and claims to be home to at least 5 different ghosts. The most famous of these is a German prince who once stayed here and jumped out of the 4th floor window. His ghost can supposedly be seen early in the mornings walking through doors and walls. Many ghostly encounters tend to happen in Room 333, just read up on BBC's James Alexander Gordon chilling encounter!

Next is the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Just the mere location of this hotel can send shivers down your spine. It is built on WWII political prison where many people were executed and tortured and their spirits are said to still haunt the Hyatt. In efforts to ward off ghosts, the hotel decided to hang up Chinese calligraphy in the lobby and in rooms so why not take a trip there to see just how well the defence mechanism is working out.

Ballygally Castel Hotel is located in Larne, Northern Ireland. The late Lady of the Castle, Isobel Shaw, was said to have fallen to her death out of a window after being locked in her room and starved by her husband. Her ghost apparently still knocks on guest's doors and then suddenly disappears. This hotel also has a small and unused room known as "the Ghost Room" in the corner turret of the castle.

Known for its jazz, cuisine and Mardi Gras, New Orleans in Louisiana is also home to the Le Pavillon Hotel. This hotel alleges there have been several ghosts that haunt the place with a young girl by the name of Adda being the most famous. The story goes that she was killed by a runaway carriage in the 1840's and continues to haunt the main entrance and lobby to this day.

Last on the list is the Dragsholm Slot in Sealand, Denmark. Again, this hotel is said to be home to a few ghosts, but the White Lady is one of the better-known ones. During plumbing renovations in the 1930's a skeleton wearing a white dress was discovered entombed inside the walls. Legend has it that she was a nobleman's daughter who fell in love with a commoner and became pregnant. When her father found out about the pregnancy he then imprisoned her in a dungeon. Her ghost is said to roam around the castle perpetually looking for her lover while also haunting anyone she encounters.

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