Top 5 Beaches for dogs in the UK

Heading to the beach is the best ways to clear your head, get a little exercise in and top up your Vitamin D levels. Why not bring your furry friend along as well in order to give them some fresh air and space to stretch their legs. There are some stunning beaches dotted around the UK that are dog friendly and warrant a visit by dog owners.

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From the end of September until the beginning of May each year, the entire West Wittering Beach in Chichester is available for you and your dog to run around on. The clear and shallow water makes this an ideal place to let your dog get their paws wet and then quickly dried off in the nearby grass. Bags and dog bins are provided as well. For the rest of the year, the beach still allows dogs except in areas 14A - 18, which comprise the main swimming areas where dogs are not appreciated. Private beach huts lined in that stretch can easily identify this area so you don't wander mistakenly in with your dog.

Craile Roome Bay is a great place if you have a dog that enjoys exploring. It is a mix of sand and rock pools and it is a small beach that is connected to the scenic Fife Coastal Path as well. The beach is cleaned at least once every week, so please do your part and help keep it tidy by using the dog bins that are provided.

12 miles north of Aberdeen lies a hidden gem called Balmedie Beach. This beach offers 5 miles of running space for your dog and is surrounded by sand dunes and the nearby Donald Trump golf course. There are picnic areas available too making it the perfect place to enjoy a barbecue while relaxing under the sun with your dog.

Rhossili Bay in Gower near Swansea is on the southwest tip of the Gower Peninsula in Wales. Trip Advisor recently voted this as the best beach in Britain and the 9th best in the world. 3 miles of sand for you and your dog to roam should not be missed. The golden beach and beautiful walks along the way offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Perranporth Beach & Perran Sands in Cornwall also make for relaxing places for your dog and you to bond. With the Cornish cliffs as a backdrop to the sandy beach, this picturesque place is perfect. Dogs must be kept on leads though between 10am until 5pm during the busy months of July and August. If you and your buddy get tired, you can stop in and rest at the local beach bar where dogs are welcome.

If the sun is strong when you are heading to the beach, make sure to pack an umbrella or some type of shade for you and your dog. Also, be sure to carry drinking water and food for both you and your pet if you will be out for a while. Make note of any beach rules for pets, as some require them to be on leads, have ID collars and be well behaved. Enjoy your trip and we are sure your furry friend will thank you for it.

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