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After a long and dreary winter do you not think it's time that you take a holiday? Tompsons holidays are the perfect way for you to relax and enjoy yourself in the sun during summer 2011. They are one of the UK's leading providers of quality holidays at affordable prices.

Thomson's have a large range of holidays available for the whole family to suit all budgets. You can book flights only from 20 UK airports to over 100 destinations worldwide. They also have some excellent deals on hotels and apartments worldwide. If you would prefer to unwind in style, then why not try one of their luxury cruises where no two days will ever be the same! Thomson's also have a big selection of city breaks, UK breaks and package holidays to the sun available.

With Thomson's you can get a package holiday from about £150 if you are available to travel within the next 48 hours. Thomson's have a large selection of cancellation holidays available on their website where you can save up to 80% off the cost of your holiday.

But that's not all. Thomson's also have a range of other services available to help your holiday run as smooth as possible. You can take advantage of their foreign exchange where you can pre-order your foreign currency online. You can also pre-book your airport parking or rent a car that will be available at your destination airport.

So why not have a Tomson's holiday, check out their website at thomson.co.uk

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